India has seen a sudden improve in assaults on Christians as extra individuals are circulating for the reason that COVID-19 lockdown was lifted.

According to International Christian Concern (ICC), eight separate assaults have taken place in two weeks involving radical Hindu nationalist teams which are bodily assaulting Christians and damaging their property.

The most up-to-date incident occurred on June 21 the place a pastor was praying for a sick individual in Kolonguda village.

A mob of 150 individuals broke into Pastor Suresh Rao’s home, then dragged him out and severely beat him. 

“They kicked me like they would kick a football,” Pastor Rao stated. “They dragged me into the street and pushed me to the ground. There, they started to trample on me. They tore my clothes, kicked me all over my body, and punched my left eye. I have sustained a serious eye injury as a result of a blood clot.”

The pastor was accused of attempting to transform Hindus to Christianity. 

“They said that India is a Hindu nation, and there is no place for Christians,” Rao defined.

“I am prepared for this kind of eventuality,” Pastor Rao defined. “I know the cost of serving Jesus in these remote villages, and I will continue to serve the people of this region.”

Another incident happened in India’s Tamil Nadu state the place a church was lowered to ashes, leaving 100 Christians with no home of worship.

“I was so distressed and pained in my heart,” Pastor Ramesh, head pastor of Real Peace Church stated. “It was hard labor for 10 years to build the church. All the hard work and sacrificial donations from the poor congregants were brought down to the ground. All that is left is ash.”

“In the last ten years, I have been told numerous times by radicals to close the church. By God’s grace, I was able to endure all these hardships and abuses, but this time it is total devastation,” the pastor added. 

And on June 13, radicals threatened members of Laymen Evangelical Fellowship Church whereas they have been organising the church to reopen after being on lockdown. 

Pastor Augustine stated radicals have been telling Christians that praying or gathering at church was forbidden and that Christians had prompted the virus to unfold. 

“We don’t know what future holds,” Pastor Augustine stated. “However, we are concerned that the radicals will not allow us to have a church service.”

Indian Christians worry the persecution will proceed as extra individuals start to emerge from the COVID-19 lockdown.

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