Sweden is one in all the few European nations that has not positioned restrictions on residents throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

With a inhabitants of 10.2 million individuals, “The Elongated Country” has seen 84,294 COVID-19 cases and 5,783 deaths. These numbers are puzzling to some individuals since Sweden by no means shut down its faculties or companies and didn’t restrict particular person liberties like the US and far of Europe did.

New Scientist reviews that Sweden did impose some restrictive measures, however they had been primarily voluntary and there was a ban on gatherings of greater than 50 individuals.

Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell instructed Nature magazine that Sweden addressed COVID-19 with the understanding that “this is not a disease that can be stopped or eradicated, at least until a working vaccine is produced. We have to find long-term solutions that keeps the distribution of infections at a decent level.”

Tegnell added that intensive lockdowns should not according to Swedish laws which “are mostly based on voluntary measures — on individual responsibility. This is the core we started from because there is not much legal possibility to close down cities in Sweden using the present laws.”

He did admit that Sweden “underestimated the issues at care homes, and how the measures would be applied. We should have controlled this more thoroughly,” Tegnell stated.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Nordic nation acquired complaints about the manner aged sufferers contaminated with COVID-19 had been handled.

The predicament seems to have come from directions issued by the National Board of Health and Welfare.

At the starting of the pandemic, docs had been suggested to prioritize sufferers primarily based on their total well being and the chance for restoration, earlier than intervening with a remedy, Bioedge reports.

“Doctors overseeing nursing-home care were advised to keep their distance from residents because of infection risks and told to carefully weigh the condition of patients before referring them to hospitals, said Thomas Linden, chief medical officer of Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare.”

The principle was to maintain ICU admissions down and never overwhelm the hospital system with aged sufferers in case there was a surge, however that by no means occurred.

Latifa Löfvenberg, a nurse who supplied medical providers to COVID-19 sufferers in care properties stated some docs would administer morphine and a sedative.

“People suffocated, it was horrible to watch. One patient asked me what I was giving him when I gave him the morphine injection, and I lied to him,” “Many died before their time. It was very, very difficult.”

Up till mid-May, half of the reported deaths from COVID-19 had been in nursing properties. Tegnell says the challenge has improved.

Throughout the pandemic, Sweden’s economic system has remained extra profitable than different European nations. Their gross domestic product (GDP) fell 8.6 % nonetheless Sweden fared higher than Spain at 18.5 % and Portugal at 14.1 %.

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